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Black Bear Housekeeping FAQs

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Why should I choose Black Bear Housekeeping over other services?
Not all companies are family-owned and locally run. Black Bear Housekeeping is built on strong family values and a commitment to treat you like part of our family!

I want ongoing service. How does this work? 
First, submit a request for a quote online or by phone contact with Director of Sales, Josh Hoogerwerf at 828.788.1510. Next, you will have the option to select your services, determine the day of the week you require service, and schedule your initial deep cleaning.

How do I prepare for you to clean my home? 
Please pick things up off of the floor and declutter surfaces. This makes it easier for us to focus on dust, dirt, and grime. Please clear your sink and counters of dirty dishes. If there are dirty dishes, our housekeepers will have to work around them, but it is not part of the service to wash dishes.

How will my key be kept secure? 
When we receive your key, we attach a key code which makes it identifiable only to our team. No name or address is attached. Another popular option is a lockbox stored at your location. 

What services do you offer? 
Please refer to the Our Services page for a detailed list of services.

Do you offer earth-friendly products? 
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on cleaning your home with earth-friendly and non-toxic products. Please refer to the Green Cleaning page for a detailed description of our products.

What days do you work? 

Our housekeepers work Monday through Saturday. If you really need a Sunday cleaning, please call Josh at 828.788.1510 to determine if arrangements can be made.

Do we have to be home when you clean? 
No! You will have the opportunity to go to work and not worry about your home, or take some time to enjoy the mountains. Of course, you are welcome to stay at home! Just let your housekeeper know which room you need completed first, and we will work around you!

What about my pets? 
We love your furry friends! When you sign up for our service, make sure you inform us of your pets, and where they will be. And, remember, our products are pet safe!

Can I leave a tip for my housekeeper? 
Please do not tip your housekeeper. We want our housekeepers to feel equally loved at every location. Holiday gifts are certainly appreciated by our housekeepers! Appreciation notes are always welcome!

Is a cleaning contract required? 
No way! We want you to want to hire us, and we are pretty sure you won’t cancel after you enjoy our exceptional service. However, when you book service with us, you agree to our policies and procedures. Failure to adhere to Black Bear Housekeeping polices will result in termination of services.

Do the housekeepers bring the supplies or do I provide them? 
They bring all supplies.

Do you send the same person each time? 
Yes and no. Josh and Steph will assign a housekeeper to your home but please keep in mind that changes can occur due to vacation, etc. Our clients love all of our housekeepers, but we are happy to make reassignments, as requested. Our team works hard to make a perfect match!

Does your team wear uniforms? 
No, but every housekeeper wears a Black Bear Housekeeping badge when onsite, so that they are easily identified.

What is your cancellation and lock out fee policy? 
If you need to reschedule or cancel, provide a full 2 business days’ notice by calling Josh at 828.788.1510. If cleaning falls on Monday, we must know by the prior Thursday during business hours. If less notice is given, the late fee is $25, if you schedule another day. If you cancel the appointment all together, the late cancellation fee is 50% of the entire cleaning cost. We still have to pay our housekeepers, even if you cancel or forget.

When and how do I make a payment? 
Please log on to our website and pay through PayPal or with MasterCard or Visa. Cash is not accepted. If you choose to pay by check, please check with Josh at 828.788.1510 for special arrangements.

What if something is broken? 
Immediately take a picture and send it to Josh at 828.788.1510. He will contact you the same day. If after business hours, he will contact you the following morning.

Are you insured? 
Yes! We keep a copy of our Certificate of Liability insurance on file. 

Can I trust the housekeepers? What about theft? 
Because our hiring process is thorough, our employees know that honesty is the bedrock of our company. We are committed to hiring honest housekeepers. 

What if I’m not happy with the cleaning? 
We love it when you are happy, so if anything is just not right, let us know. We guarantee our work, and will fix the problem or re-clean. Make sure you leave the problem as it is, or take a picture, and let us know within 24 hours. We will call you, make arrangements to return, and make it right!
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